Ulpatha Trading Company Private Limited

1) 💫👉We earn dollars for sri lanka while we stay in sri lanka.

2) 💫 👉🏿You stay home. we will work.

3) 💫👉You do a job (we will work and earn extra money for you).

4) 💫👉🏿But, you should trust us.

5) 💫👉Why?

6)💫 👉🏿It is only for giving you benefit as a reward for the trust you paid on us.

7) 💫👉The reward of crypto currency provided buy you is one billion rupees.

8) 💫👉🏿We will pay you to the trust you have on us.

9) 💫👉 You have to do only one thing.

10) 💫 👉🏿What is that ?

11) 💫👉At the end of the month you have to check the bank account.

12) 💫👉🏿 Reason for that ?

13) 💫👉That is only because we work for you faithfully and we have the ability of achieving the target.

14)💫👉🏿 Namely ,we are Ulpatha trading company private limited.

15) 💫👉The major method of earning money of our company is online crypto currency trading.

16) 💫👉🏿How will you earn income from our company ?

17) 💫👉You have nothing to do (see advertisement ,join people ,invest more and more ,No need of selling goods)you can give crypto currency according to your choice.

18) 💫👉🏿You can earn a fixed income with us according to the following USDT/BUSD table.

19) 💫👉Crypto currency provided by you will be activated with in a 07 days of receiving.

20) 💫👉🏿10% of the cryptocurrency you provided  will be deposited to your bank account and sri lankan rupees with in 07 days after the completion of month calculating from the date of activation.

21) 💫👉Your cryptocurrency should be with us for one (01) year (for your urgent reason only, you can get only half of the total amount of cryptocurrency you invested in 06 months).

22) 💫👉🏿The particular crypto currency amount will be provided to you within 14 days after the completion of 12 months.

We will refund you the cryptocurrency you originally gave us

23)💫 👉But, your profit will be provided according to the plan of the table each month with in One year (with effect from the date of activation ).

24) 💫 👉 Submit your electricity bill, your water bill, any of your monthly installments, to us on a monthly basis. We guarantee that we will pay you according to the amount of cryptocurrency you provide.

25)💫 👉Save monthly to your little son’s little daughter’s bank book,
Is it difficult?
Give it to us in monthly installments, after depositing the amount of cryptocurrency you provide, we will tell you that we have deposited money in the child’s book.